Recent Projects

We take on projects of all sizes, whether they be for large international companies  or for small local organizations.  Here are a few of our recent projects:

  • For a major music publisher, created a web site that showcases commercial uses of the publisher’s music, and allows visitors to browse and search the full music catalog, listen to sound clips and view lyrics.
  • For a radio station, created an online presence that automatically lists the current day’s programming, automates the listing of community and station events, and provides live streaming, interactive online forms and more.
  • For a community radio station, put a system in place to automatically download syndicated shows and place them in rotation.
  • For an educational company, built a web-based application that allows students to exchange thoughts about the books they are reading in class.
  • For a major music publisher, architected a system that allows the publisher to push customized music playlists to clients and to monitor clients’ activity within the playlists.
  • For a recording artist, built a mobile app and web application that allows the artist to selectively push playlists from his music catalog to fans’ smartphones for streaming.  Fans can purchase music for download and watch the artist’s online videos.
  • For a radio station, built a mobile app that streams station content to smartphones, provides an updated programming schedule, has a built-in alarm that wakes the user to the radio station’s live stream, accepts Paypal membership payments, and more.
  • For a guitar instructor, built a membership e-learning website that allows users to subscribe to guitar lesson videos, providing multiple levels of membership, online credit card and PayPal payments, customer tracking and more.